We had a business briefing presentation for its DJ and artist support platform ‘GDM’ andits cryptocurrency ‘GDMCoin’ to the investors and fund managers who has interests in cryptocurrency at co-working space ‘Naked Hub’. GDMW also started pre-sales of GDMCoin after the presentation.

■Presentation Report in Hong Kong
About 50 investors and media related people came to the ‘Naked Hub’ for the presentaition.At the beginning of the briefing, CEO Mitsuo Tamemasa has presented business model for ‘GDM’ platform that we are developping.

Business Briefing Presentation in Hong Kong for ICO

GDM Summary Video

GDMW develop new eco-system with ‘dance music ×blockchain’ to unite live streaming, E-Commerce, electronic tickts, sales of music and patent management and finance functions.

■Special live streaming
GDMW will launch global business strategically in partnerships with two global media that lead club music scenes ‘Mixmag’ (DJ/Club culture media) and ‘WE RAVE YOU’ (EDM web magazine).We have connected Hong Kong and ‘Mixmag’ studio and ‘WE RAVE YOU’ studio by live streaming. First Nick from Mixmag greeted from UK and perfoemed DJ Play from house set then YOtam, CEO of WE RAVE YOU greeted from Israel and Israel top DJ ‘Roc Dubloc’ perfomed to heat up the venue in Hong Kong.

Nick Stevenson (Managing Director, Mixmag) ,Yotam Dov (CEO and Founder, We Rave You) ,Roc Dubloc

Left:Partner:Nick Stevenson (Managing Director, Mixmag)
Center:Partner:Yotam Dov (CEO and Founder, We Rave You)
Right:DJ/producer:Roc Dubloc

■Nick Comments
GDM is such revolutionary system that connects global users online from regular club goers to general dance music fans. In its long history Club culture has expanded through individual fans but GDM will be a platform that connects more people more often while helping new artists get their music heard!

■Yotam Comment
Music distribution has been related to major distributior and global market was only conquered by such artists with enourmous promotion budget. GDM platform business is full of ideas and plans to captivate heavy club users, fans and music freaks that do not go to clubs often. Moreover, blockchain techonology make it possible to protect DJs as music creators’ rights and also they can communicate with their fans directly on our application. DJs and artists are waiting for GDM platform release soon.

Before the presentation, Hong Kong media interviewed GDMW. Whole world will be connected real time for 24 hours and 365 days on our platform ‘GDM’ soon!

Business Briefing Presentation in Hong Kong for ICO

■GDM AirDrop Campaign
For users registered on campaign page, we will offer cryptocurrency for 800 GDMCoins as‘GDM AirDrop Campaign’.

Period of Campaign:1st August 2018 (Wed)〜30th September 2018 (Sun) 23:59(UTC)
Campaign Page:https://airdrop.gdm.world/
Air Drop limitation:500,000 people(Total:400,000,000 coins)

■What is AirDrop?
‘To distribute cryptocurrency for free’is called’AirDrop’. Purpose of this is to expand economies and holders, users and we offer free for applicants.

■What is GDMCoin (Global Dance Music Coin) ?
GDMCoin is original cryptocurrency that GDM Workd issue based on blockchain technology. GDMCoin is used on GDM platform or club events that GDM sponsor.

■Mixmag https://mixmag.net/
Mixmag is the market leading dance music media brand, since it’s print magazine was first published in 1983. In their 35+ years of media history, Mixmag has been the authority and driving force in dance music through digital media, video, live streaming and global events. Mixmag has 15 offices around the world, providing the best content to local territories in their respective languages – from Sao Paulo to Seoul, London to LA, Moscow to Melbourne.

■We Rave You https://weraveyou.com/
‘We Rave You’ is the web magazine founded in 2012 based in Israel and specialized for EDM (Electronic Dance Music). They introduce top DJs special interviews, event information, industrial information. They have popular contents such as exclusive interview on their live media ‘We Rave You TV (YouTube)’ and exclusive mix on music media ‘We Rave You RADIO (SoundCloud).

■GDM World Pte. Ltd.  https://gdm.world/
GDM World aim to create global dance music culture eco-system based on blockchain technology to activate dance music market and actualize healthy and sustainable developments.
Company Name :GDM World Pte. Ltd.
Foundation :June 2018
Address :20 Collyer Quay #23-01, Singapore 049319
Business :Development of DJ and aritist platform ‘GDM’ and its operation
URL :https://gdm.world/
White Paper :https://gdm.world/whitepaper
Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/gdmworld2018/
Instagram :https://www.instagram.com/gdmworld.official/
Twitter :https://twitter.com/GDMworld
Telegram :https://t.me/gdm_channel/