DM World has hosted a meet-up for investors and Venture Capitalists who has interests in crypto currency in Koshu-city, China on 7th September, 2018 followed by the first GDM event at club’h·Linx’ in the evening.

■9/7 GDM investers Hangzhou MeetUp
We have discussed and exchanged opinions with chinease investors over the dinner about promissing chinise market for dance music industry.

GDM investers Hangzhou MeetUp & GDM event @h·Linx

■9/7 GDM event @h·Linx
GDM had its first event at the club ‘h·Linx’ where many famous DJs such as AFROJACK, KASHMR, STEAVE AOKI perform. There were over 2000 people at the club and was completely filled with heated excitements.

GDM investers Hangzhou MeetUp & GDM event @h·Linx

DJ erwin, DJ hyde, DJ y, DJ cy

【Guest DJ】
Takahiro Yoshihira

fd, six, 路人 (Luren)

2A/F, No. 8, Area C, West Lake Cultural Square, Hanzou, China

Guest DJ Takahiro Yoshihara joined the GDM event from Japan and livened it up! Whole world will soon be connected real time for 24 hours and 365 days on our platform ‘GDM’ !