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Harmor Records

■About Harmor Records
Harmor Records was founded in early january of 2017 by music producer and dj Ovylarock the ideea of this project was to create a community not just a ordinary label he wanted to help artists and djs to take their music to the next level and help them with advices on how to improve their music skills and artist brand.

He started by releasing Ovylarock’s personal tracks and in january they had their 1st release “Follow Your Dreams” after that He started to recruit more artists with potential to increase our catalog. After a lot of work and dedication in a few months they had tracks supported by huge name in the EDM INDUSTRY such as Borgore, DJ Juicy M, R3spawn, Bounce Inc. ,Blasterjaxx, Mountblaq, Starjack, Club Banditz, Steven Vegas, Timmo Hendriks, Arcando, Boothed, Wasback and the list can continue.

Harmor Records have currently in our roster artists around the world from Italy, Brazil, Mexico, United States, Japan, Romania, Netherland, Germany and many more at the moment we are mainly focusing to release music from EDM genres such as Big Room, Bass House, Future Bass, Progressive House, Electro House, Trance but in the future we will try to expand our musical genres.

Untill now they had over 5 releases breaking the Top 100 Big Room Beatport Chart the highest position was 44 reached by Franriesko – Hysteria ,they are currently ranked worldwide on the Big Room genre on position 108 and this is just the begining of our story they have more to show and to achive.

In august 2018 DJ Mag Germany wrote a nice article about their release “Souvenir” by Frabbeatz feat. Martin Acosta you can read the full article on the link below.

■Harmor Records Label Supported by:
– Blasterjaxx
– Borgeous
– Juicy M
– R3spawn
– Bounce Inc.
– Unity Brothers
– Club Banditz
– Asi Vidal
– Timmo Hendriks
– Steven Vegas
– Wasback
– Agus Zack
and more.

■SNS of Harmor Records