On 2nd of February at 14pm, popular battle royal game ‘FORTNITE’ presented virtual concert produced by EDM artist Marshmello. The concert is on Marshmello’s YouTube channel in full record.

It is exactly like the exciting EDM fes duplicated in gaming with functions of EDM-like ‘drops’, lylics, and when artist calls ‘Jump!’, in-game gravity changes and charactors start jumping and hi-jumps.

Kids are having fun, too! Jump! Jump! along with the sounds Marshmello creates!

The gamer’s vision makes us feel as if we are in the game!

Geoff Keighley who hosts ‘The Game Awards’ on twitter says that more than 10 million players participated in this virtual concert.

Marshmello himself is a fan and player of the ‘Fortnite’ and he is good enough to win the battle so he was into this project so much.  Marshmello×FORTNITE goods are on sale and gamers who love Marshmello are excited about the project.


Marshmello’s actual performance at ULTRA Miami 2018.

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