Noam Rubinstein has joined ‘GDM’ an application platform to support DJs and artists, which is under developpment by GDM World. Whole world will soon be connected real time for 24 hours and 365 days on our platform ‘GDM’ !

■COMMENT from Noam Rubinstein

This is Noam Rubinstein from Up All Night. Blockchain is future of payments, and GDM is the future of life entertainment! Get involved!

■PROFILE of Noam Rubinstein

Brooklyn-based music producer Noam Rubinstein has nearly two decades of studio experience. These days, when he is not working hard on collaborations and his own projects he can be found DJing at select events, crafting lush atmospheric journeys that blend his dark-yet-playful original sound with selections ranging from deep house to techno.

■SNS of Noam Rubinstein