We, GDM, consider night club scenes in Japan will be more spry from increase of tourism from oversea and the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2020.  And here we go, a new club ‘SEL OCTAGON TOKYO’ is openning soon.

‘OCTAGON’ is the No.1 club in Gangnam, Seoul Korea, which is 7th out of 100 in ranking of popular club magazine ‘DJ MAG 2018’. This year, finally ‘OCTAGON’ is landing Japan on 7th February in Roppongi, Tokyo as ‘SEL OCTAGON TOKYO’!

Sound Producer Katsuyuki Seto produced the facility installing the world premiere acoustic theory ‘3D SOUND’ with the latest technology.  Also the facility will be wired with largest scale 10 laser machines to produce the floor with mirroring walls with laser beat reflections. These lasers are produced by lightings, Laser Artist ‘AIBA’.

Moreover, the club will first entertainment facility in Japan to install Vein Authentication. Once you are authorized to enter, you can go in and out freely and also you can pay free hands so may enjoy without annoying ID authorization nor cash payments. ‘SEL OCTAGON TOKYO’ will be one of the leading club in Japan with high security and smooth authorization system without stress and with banch of entertainments, art, and techonology tips.

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Venue : AXALL ROPPONGI B1F, 7-8-6 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

URL : https://sel-octagon-tokyo.jp/

TIME:Monday – Wednesday : Bar (19pm-23pm)

Thursday – Saturday/Pre-holidays : Club (22:00-29:00)

Capacity : 700 people

■Event Info

Nicky Romero from Holland will be perforning for the openning on 7th Feb! Also top artists Quintino and Sigala will be on stage as well, dates are coming up soon! Whole world will soon be connected real time for 24 hours and 365 days on our platform ‘GDM’ !