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Stimeless was born in Oviedo, Spain in the year 1990. She took her first steps as a DJ in 2015 and within a few months decided to expand getting into music production, remixing, composing, songwriting and singing.

She started out as a DJ in September 2015 in Studio DJ Center, first developing her skill with vinyl and later on switching to CDJ. She is now skilled in both the vintage and the modern art of a DJ. This was proven in Studio DJ Center’s third and fifth party, both celebrated in Tribeca, the major nightclub of her hometown. Also multiple inaugurations and celebrations in different places, live streaming sessions and contests both at a european and international level made way for her to demonstrate what she is capable of, being NYDJAY and Burn Residency an example, being the last one at international level.

In January 2017 she begins as collaborator in Orbital Music Radio, across her sets in the different programs as Orbital Sessions and Formula Orbital. In September 2017 she begins to present Electronic Sessions, having her own radio show on having relieved JJAKALVHOUSE who presented the program over the past two seasons. She also collaborates in Orbital Deep where she presents 4 of her best tracks of her suitcase when she record her Deep House’s sets as well as she collaborates with the Italian Radio, Impact Radio Web where she is playing the 1st Friday of every month.